You don’t get casts like this anymore. Stars and great supporting performers.
How many can you  identify and who is missing!


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  1. I just watched this for the how-manyeth time this week. The film, like George Bailey’s life, is wonderful, and the cast is incredible. IMDb lists 116 cast members. Some of the ones you don’t show are:

    Lillian Randolph – Annie, the maid

    J. Farrell MacDonald – the man whose tree George plows into

    Stanley Andrews – the schoolteacher’s husband who punches George

    Franklin Albertson – Sam Wainwright, who enjoys the “Heehaw” routine more than I do

    Al Bridge – the guy at the house to arrest George. He was a Preston Sturges regular.

    Dick Elliott – the man on the porch telling George to kiss Donna Reed

    The great Charles Lane – Potter’s “smart young man” rent collector

    Ellen Corby – the woman George kisses when she asks for a reasonable amount of money during the run on the Building and Loan

    Charles Halton – the testy bank examiner

    Todd Karns – Harry Bailey, George’s brother. IMDb says that he was the son of Roscoe Karns, another fine actor. I would have expected Todd to have had a better career.

    As always, I love your postings. Have a Happy New Year.

  2. Funny how it’s become a Xmas staple even though it wasn’t a big success on first release.
    Amazingly I’ve had 300 views over the last week on the piece I wrote on young George Bailey.

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