TCM has partnered with a team of experts at Laithwaites ( a home delivery wine specialist) for their TCM Wine Club. (

Quarterly shipments ( U.S. only) has 15 wines, with the first shipment
Including 3 bonus collectible bottles at a cost of $77. 99 plus shipping.
(The regular price will be $149.99 plus shipping).

These are some of the wines available.



There’s an Ingrid Bergman   Cabernet, and a Robert Mitchum  Pinot Noir!
I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried any of the wines.




Marion Fleming in centre.

There was an interesting story on Radio Scotland about a 13 year old Scottish girl, Marion Fleming who was adopted by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in 1954.

Young Marion had been born in Edinburgh in 1940 , and by the early 1950s was living  in Dunforth, a Church of Scotland home to the north of Edinburgh.

Roy and Dale were on tour in the U.K. with their Wild West show.
When they visited the children’s home, a little show was put  on for them and they were charmed by Margaret who sang a song called “Won’t You Buy My Pretty Flowers.”
So much so, that they invited Margaret to lunch and to see their show.


Dale Evans, Roy Rogers


Subsequently Margaret went to California and was adopted by the famous twosome  who had a 168 acre ranch in the San Fernando valley.

In 2019, Marion, whom everyone calls Mimi, returned to Scotland for a visit, with her three children.


Marion Fleming, (Centre) , with her children.

Still with a hint of a Scottish accent, Mimi said, “They weren’t Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, they were mum and dad.”

And she did get to ride Trigger!

Roy and Dale lived till their late 80s..Roy died in 1998 and Dale in 2001.

A lovely story. Wish it had been on television.



Eve Arden, Jeff Chandler. OUR MISS BROOKS.


It was nice to hear a 1970s interview with Eve Arden, though the interviewer, Chuck Schaden ( a Chicago area broadcaster) didn’t seem to know much about Eve’s film career. Such a waste as Eve was ready to answer any questions.

Of her famous role as Our Miss Brooks, she told us,

”It was on radio for 5 years, one of which overlapped the 4 years on television. The whole radio cast came to TV except for Jeff Chandler who had become a big motion picture star.”

I believe Joan Blondell and Shirley Booth were considered for the part of Connie Brooks on radio.

On her film roles; I did make a flip remark now and then!”

”I never could bear to see my films after. I liked   VOICE OF THE TURTLE, it was one of the best things I’ve done.”


Eve and her husband Brooks West, with whom she did stage appearances.

(Yet another instance where an informed interviewer could have discussed so much with the star.)

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  1. I live in Edinburgh, and when I was young we stayed in Newhaven near Dunforth, the childrens home. My Mum took me to see Roy Rogers visit it – and Trigger was there as well! I must have been about seven then.

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