How could I resist this Mark Vieira book from 1989,  with Cary Grant on the cover!
The great Studio photographers of the classic era are featured – Lee Garmes, George Hurrell, Clarence Sinclair Bull. 
Mr Vieira , a photographer, writer and lecturer, shares his wonderful collection of stills and provides notes on the stars/movies, and on the portrait photographers.

The sheer size of the book ( 14” x 10”) and the stunning clarity of the photographs makes this book irreplaceable.

As a photographer, the author had a wish fulfilled when he had a photographic session with Jane Greer , and his portrait of Jane is very beautiful.

You’ll probably be familiar with some of the photographs, but some are new to me. To have them gathered together in such a superb format is excellent . My only gripe is the several photos which are spread over two pages and have the spine of the book breaking up the photos.

Here are a few samples. The book has over 200 photographs.


Take a guess! Almost twins from the back.



The cast of THE WOMEN, with Rosalind Russell giving George Cukor a hug.


On the set of OLD ACQUANTANCE  with Miriam Hopkins,  Edmund Goulding,  Bette Davis. Both actresses are acting!



John Huston, Peter Lorre, Humphrey Bogart. The Maltese Falcon.

Is that Peter Lorre thinking, “Are we taking a chance on this first time director!”


Norma Shearer’s last film, HER CARDBOARD LOVER (1942), with costars Robert Taylor, George Sanders.


Ginger Rogers. 1940. KITTY FOYLE.


Marlene Dietrich. 1947. GOLDEN EARINGS.


Joan Crawford. 1947. HUMORESQUE.


Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster in a publicity shot for SORRY, WRONG NUMBER.



Jane Greer.


Yes, it’s Constance Bennett and Garbo in Garbo’s final screen appearance. TWO FACED WOMAN.


And a selection of Mark Vieira’s other books.









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