Norma Shearer, Ben Lyon, Martin Arrouge, Bebe Daniels, Bob Hope, Lorena Mayer, Irene Dunne, Louis B. Mayer.

I don’t know what the event  is.


One of the few times you  see Robert Montgomery  in Lady in the Lake, here with Audrey Totter. Through a mirror.


Color closeup of Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman. GASLIGHT.


Doesn’t  happen often. Randolph Scott smiles!


Only time I’ve seen advertising for Johnny Guitar showing the named  character front and centre. And no sign of Joan!


Sterling Hayden  as the guitar man.


Love Michael Rennie as “Klaatu” in The Day The Earth Stood Still.


A “ladies only” screening of Mildred Pierce. Looks like an effective promotion for the film.


What to do next now that a stranger has arrived. The conspirators assemble.
  Russell Collins, Robert Ryan, Ernest Borgnine, John Ericson, Lee Marvin, Walter Sande. Bad Day At Black Rock.



Leonard Nimoy ‘s 1952 film debut as the leader of a young street gang . I thought the “Billy Goat Gang” were another Bowery Boys, but it is the name of Nimoy’s gang.
The unusual film title is actually Nimoy’s  name in the film.

Richard Rober sheds his gangster image and plays a parish priest.


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  1. Jack Broder, producer of Kid Monk Baroni was not noted for the quality of his films. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Bride Of The Gorilla with Barbara Payton and a slumming Raymond Burr!

  2. Oh no, Raymond Burr turns into a rampaging gorilla! Though IMDB says the gorilla is only seen in the last few minutes of the film.

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