ELMER FRYER, Warner Bros. Photographer

Elmer Fryer, Mary Astor

Elmer Fryer(1898 – 1944) was in charge of the Stills Dept. in 1929 when Warner Brothers and First National merged. He remained with Warners till 1941 and died at the age of 45  in 1944.

During WW2, he made documentaries while in the Air Force.

I expect his beautiful portraits appeared in all the fan magazines of the 1930s.

My thanks to conradreeder.com for the brief information on Mr. Fryer.

Here are some of his fine portraits.


Barbara Stanwyck


Fredric March.ANTHONY ADVERSE. 1936


Ann Dvorak



Kay Francis


Elmer Fryer


Bette Davis


Bette Davis



Errol Flynn. GREEN LIGHT. 1937


Bette Davis, Elmer Fryer. 1935


Claude Rains. 1936


Jane Wyman


Constance Bennett


Leslie Howard


George Brent


James Cagney


Humphrey Bogart. KID GALAHAD




A nice shot of Elmer Fryer and his wife, Isabelle.

Walter Huston to the right, though I don’t know what the event was, probably an early 1930s Warner Bros. Premiere.

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