L.B ‘Jeff’ Jeffries is a photographer used to travelling all over the world, but one photo too many at a race track left him with a leg in plaster and he is climbing the walls in his apartment.

So he phones his editor:

Jeff: “For six weeks I’ve been sitting in a two room apartment with nothing to do but look out the window at the neighbours.

You gotta get me out of here.

If you don’t pull me out of this swamp of boredom, I’m going to do something drastic.”


Stop whining, Jeffries!  You can get visitors like the lovely Lisa and the practical Stella.




The view from the window. Lots happening. How can you be bored.


The sculptor, the dancer and the gardener.


Sleeping outside 💤


“Rear Window”

Oops, he’s spotted you. Take cover.


That’s right. take a nap. Thorwald will be paying you  a visit.


With thanks to Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter, Raymond Burr and Hitch.


p.s Any suggestions for what L. B. stands for? (It’s never revealed in the film.)
How about Lionel Billington!

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  1. When the movie came out and for a few years after, I thought the view out the window seemed so fake! But later on I realized what a masterpiece that set is! Hitchcock movies cannot be appreciated by kids!

    • You’re right. It is a masterpiece. But the one thing they can’t create in any film is the feeling of being outdoors, the sky never seems real.
      But in this film the claustrophobia adds to the tension and immerse you in that small world.

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