Sorry to hear that Dvd/blu-Ray distributor Twilight Time is closing after 9 years .

Twilight Time released limited run titles – 3,000 units per film, from Fox, MGM, Universal, Columbia. (The licensing agreement only authorised  the company to sell that  number of copies.)

At present they have a sale, with many titles at $11.95, more than half the original price.  The sale lasts till 30th June,2020 when the remaining inventory will be at Screen

i would have bought The Whole Town’s Talking but postage to the U.K. was a bit steep at $17. This title is in the recent John Ford  Box set so maybe it will come out individually.

I love all these covers.








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  1. Yes it’s very sad about Twilight Time Vienna. I have bought several titles over the last years. but regarding your comment re postage. Yes it’s steep and I haven’t ordered since last year when I took two tempting sale blurays (despite the high postage) but then I suffered another £15 customs/Royal Mail charges on receipt so no future buys after that.
    Wonderful more new titles alas.

  2. I’m afraid the shipping costs always deterred me as well. Too rich for my blood, sadly.
    As for the demise of the company, I think it was inevitable and really only a matter of time after the death of Nick Redman.

  3. Ah those glorious days when the £ was strong and I could afford TT releases.
    As Colin says after Mr Redman’s passing that was the end of the label really,had he
    survived I’m sure Twilight Time would have as well.
    The Twilight Time release that I hope appears elsewhere is THE RIVER’S EDGE.(1957)
    With Powerhouse/Indicator when the box sets have sold out they normally release
    the films as stand alone titles.

  4. Hope we both get our wish! The River’s Edge has a nice turnabout of casting, with Ray Milland as the villain and Anthony Quinn the good guy. I think I saw it on TV years ago.

  5. Thanks for posting this! I had always seen Twilight Time releases, but they always seemed so expensive. For $11.95, that wasn’t bad at all. The shipping for me was only $6. I purchased “The Whole Town’s Talking” and upgraded my copy of “Gidget.”

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