Low angle shot on the set of A TALE OF TWO CITIES, with Isobel Jewell and Ronald Colman. Isobel is sitting in director  Jack Conway’s  chair.


Angie Dickinson and  John Wayne sharing  a joke. Angie stands on her mark.



Stanley Kramer, Spencer Tracy, Richard Widmark. JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG. (1961.)


Kirk Douglas, Jan Sterling  in a lighter moment on the set of ACE IN THE HOLE.


Good casting They look like sisters. Gene Tierney, Jeanne Crain. LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN.



Van Johnson,Robert Z. Leonard, Judy Garland. IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME. 

Judy studying the script.


Cast photo, THE BIG KNIFE.

Wendell Corey, Ida Lupino,Jean Hagen, Jack Palance,Ilka  Chase , Everett Sloane, Rod Steiger.



Say the lines ,Bogie. Stop yawning.”

Humphrey Bogart, Lionel Barrymore. KEY LARGO.


Would love to know what  George Cukor  is saying to Judy Garland . A STAR IS BORN.


This would be a great photo in color.
Joanne Dru, Howard Hawks. RED RIVER.

Should have led to a top tier career for Joanne Dru – in my opinion.



A rare photo of the trial scene in THE LETTER.

Bette Davis far left, William Wyler in the middle.

A terrific film.


Husband and wife, Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Taylor. 


I haven’t seen it , but reading the review on mystery file.com, it looks interesting though Barbara’s singing  voice isn’t the greatest!
There’s a good print on You Tube.

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  1. Cukor is saying, “Keep up the great work and you’re a shoo-in for the Oscar.”

    And she should have been.

  2. What a sad life poor Isabel Jewell had. When you think of the major films she appeared in. Lost Horizon, Gone With The Wind, Northwest Rangers , The Bishop’s Wife yet by 1957 she was charged with passing bad cheques in Las Vegas. I only discovered recently that her death was a suicide. She was a great talent with a tremendous gift for emotional or hysterical scenes. How about a tribute on the blog pls.

  3. To be honest there appear to be two different opinions regarding Isabel’s death so perhaps the suicide theory is questionable at best.

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