Another big Hollywood Memorabilia auction at Bonhams Los Angeles on 29 June,2020 –

I’d call it Big Treasures. Here are some samples:


A copy of GONE WITH THE WIND novel, cast and crew signed for Fred Crane to give to his mother.  $4000 – $6000.
Some of the signatures are faded but I can make out Walter Plunkett, Evelyn Keyes, Lyle Wheeler, Hattie McDaniel, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, Clark Gable, Butterfly McQueen,Cammie King, Rand Brooks.


Fifteen stills from GONE WITH THE WIND. $800 – $1200





This costume was worn by Irene Dunne in LIFE WITH FATHER in 1947 and by Helena Carter in 1951 in FORT WORTH.

Edmund Gwen, William Powell. Irene Dunne. LIFE WITH FATHER.


Helena Carter, Randolph Scott. FORT WORTH.



Poster from DARK PASSAGE.  $1200 – $1500.


Two window cards from CHINA SEAS, SUZY.  $600 – $800.


Lovely poster from CAREFREE.  $400 – $600.


34 stills from SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN.  $1200 – $1500.


Another gorgeous poster from SPELLBOUND.  $500 – $700.


An unusual Polish advert for SPELLBOUND.  (Looks like ‘Strangers on a Train). $300 – $500.

Translation  of the title – “CAPTIVATED“.


Belgian Hitchcock posters.  $700 – $900.



Nice selection of Jean Harlow stills – 41 in total.  $1000 – $1500?


And finally, a 14x 22 inch window card for KING KONG.  $1800 – $2000.

Just a sample of the great auction. You can view the entire catalogue on the Bonhams website.



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  1. KING KONG window card is impressive. Never seen most these visuals before. Very informative. Keep them coming. Thank you.

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