Only weeks after her 104th birthday on 1st July, Olivia de Havilland  has passed away today, July 26th, 2020 at her home in Paris where she was a resident for more than 50 years.

We’ll remember Olivia for all the films she made in the golden age of Hollywood. From her first film in 1935, A Midsummer Night’s Dream to her Oscar winning performances in To Each His Own and The Heiress.

I’ve chosen two video clips to show Olivia’s versatility , one from The Strawberry Blonde and the other from Thank You Lucky Stars.(with Ida Lupino and George Tobias.)


With Leslie Howard. GONE WOTH THE WIND.


With Montgomery Clift. THE HEIRESS.


With Errol  Flynn in CAPTAIN BLOOD




Olivia ‘s court case against Warner Brothers freed performers from having their 7 year studio contracts extended if they refused roles. The De Havilland decision was an important part of Hollywood history.


With Paulette Goddard and Charles Boyer in HOLD BACK THE DAWN.


With Alan and David Ladd.THE PROUD REBEL


With her sister Joan Fontaine

























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  1. Sad indeed but what a legacy. In a way, she did the right thing leaving Warner Brothers, leading as it did to her two Oscars and a string of great films in the 40s.She was still the ingenue in the 30s ( though coming into her own in GWTW).
    Lovely to see all the tributes in the media.

  2. Vienna, a wonderful tribute to Olivia de Havilland. We will always have her work to watch and appreciate on film.


  3. I’m glad you included The Proud Rebel, a really beautiful film and Olivia held Alan Ladd in high regard. My two other favourites are To Each His Own and especially The Heiress with it’s wonderful confrontation scene between Olivia and Ralph Richardson (whom she didn’t care for off screen).

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