Love my Randolph Scott collection. Some repetitions but who cares. Maybe I should  have a Scott marathon.





And those I still await dvd releases.





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  1. Wow, what a collection, Vienna! I just started getting into westerns recently, but I can only only access those that are streaming. I saw The Tall T just last night — SO good! I also recently saw Seven Men From Now, which I also enjoyed. I’m always on the lookout for suggestions — which films from your collections are your favorites?

  2. Very fine collection there, and you can’t really go wrong with Scott. By pure coincidence, I’m featuring one of his movies tomorrow. Great minds!

  3. The Tall T is impressive, isn’t it. Scott’s adversaries were always good, from Lee Marvin to Richard Boone to Raymond Massey.
    I always liked Victor Jory and it was a nice surprise to see him as a friend of the Scott character in Fighting Man of the Plains.
    But they are all good!
    His five with Budd Boettticher are a must.
    Do let me know when you see more.

  4. Watch out in THE TALL T for the goof when Scott first arrives in the town of Contention near the beginning of the film. As he’s walking across the street, there’s a car parked in the alleyway between two buildings. Cars didn’t exist in the 1870s and it seems that no one, including the cameraman, noticed it and he was looking right at it.

  5. Vienna, you just can’t go wrong with a Randolph Scott Western. Scott is my favorite Western actor of all time. I’ve enjoyed all his Westerns ever since I can remember. He gave us what we wanted and that was plenty of Western movies. He made more Westerns than any actor from 1946-62. Thank you Randolph Scott.

    That was a really good choice of a Scott photograph at the end. Thank you, Vienna.

    • Hi, Walter. Scott certainly made a huge number of westerns, most of which I can watch again and again. Glad you are a big fan too.

  6. Love Scott in westerns. Just binge watched the 7 Scott/Boetticher westrrns last month. Required viewing. I’ve yet to find a copy of Sugarfoot but I’m sure it will turn up eventually.

  7. I like Trail Street, Return Of The Bad Men, Coroner Creek, and Man In The Saddle. The Boetticher ones are a bit heavy for me although artistically they are the best of Randolph’s career.

      • Good for you, Mike! Someone commented that the Boetticher box set would have been better named, the Boetticher/ Scott set. Definitely.
        I have a copy of Sugarfoot. It really deserves a dvd release , and The Bounty Hunter which has a very good part for Marie Windsor.

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