Ann Sheridan signs a poster of herself  during a USO tour.


Lauren Bacall, Kenneth More. NORTH WEST FRONTIER.

Always thought Lauren Bacall was unusual casting in this very good film.


John Ericson, Barbara Stanwyck.40 GUNS

To Barry Sullivan: “You shot my sister. I don’t believe it!”



Johnny Rocco and his gang.

Harry Lewis, Dan Seymour, Edward G.Robinson, William Haade, Thomas Gomez. KEY LARGO.

Be afraid, Bogie, be very afraid!


Walter Brennan. TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT.

”They are all around, waiting to sting you.!”


Alan Ladd in APPOINTMENT WITH DANGER. (His character’s name is ‘Goddard’). Ladd plays a postal inspector.


Grace Kelly, Lloyd Bridges.HIGH NOON

He won’t be a deputy for long.



Glenn Ford. COWBOY.

I thought this pic was from 3.10 to Yuma but good friend to the blog ,Walter confirmed it’s a still from “Cowboy.“


The entire cast of THE NAKED SPUR.

Ralph Meeker, Millard Mitchell, James Stewart, Robert Ryan, Janet Leigh. Trying to figure out what’s what and who’s who.



Michael Curtiz, Ingrid Bergman, Hal Wallis. CASABLANCA

The director , star and producer of the classic.



Richard Conte, Hope Emerson;.CRY OF THE CITY.

Take it easy, Hope. It’s only a movie!”


Fredric March, New York. 1944.
“Hurry up, son. the weather’s no improvin’ .”




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  1. I really like Appointment With Danger with the unusual teaming of Alan Ladd and Phyllis Calvert! They work well together and Jan Sterling was a good contrast to Phyllis, as a gangsters moll. Phyllis thought highly of Alan and she and her husband socialized with the Ladd’s when Alan was filming in Britain.

  2. Appointment With Danger was the last of Phyllis’s three Hollywood films. J.Arthur Rank operated a lend lease system enabling British stars to go to the US. Phyllis had greatly admired Robert Siodmaks The Killers and was thrilled when she was told he would be directing her in Time Out Of Mind, from a best seller by Rachel Field. Unfortunately Siodmak hated the script and bowed out. Phyllis refused to work with another director and he reluctantly returned. The film was a disaster and an angry Universal planted negative stories about her in the press. Her other film was My Own True Love, a story of post war adjustment with Melvyn Douglas. She tested unsuccessfully for the role that Angela Lansbury played in Samson And Delilah and the Bing Crosby musical Riding High.

  3. Time Out Of Mind I on you tube but it’s very sluggish. Robert Hutton as a drunken composer must be one the 40s weakest leading men. Surprising to see Ella Raine’s playing second fiddle to Phyllis

  4. Vienna, another good PHOTO MIX. I could look at pictures like these all day. I like the one of Walter Brennan, also, the side view of Lauren Bacall and Kenneth Moore. Aw, I like all of them.

    APPOINTMENT WITH DANGER(filmed in 1949, released 1950) is, I think, a good movie. I first watched it on the WHBQ-TV Channel 13, Memphis, Tennessee DIALING FOR DOLLARS MOVIE during the 1970’s. I thought seeing Jack Webb and Harry Morgan as two thugs was quite different, especially being accustomed to seeing them as policemen on DRAGNET(1967-70).

    If my memory serves me right, the above picture of Glenn Ford is from COWBOY(filmed in 1957, released 1958). In 3:10 TO YUMA(1957) Ford wore is usual weather-beaten open rode Stetson. That hat, like James Stewart’s hat, had character.

    • Thanks, Walter and you are probably right, that photo of Glenn is from COWBOY. My mistake. I’ll amend .
      Interesting to think of Webb and Morgan playing bad guys. As you say, everyone would think of Dragnet.

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