One of my favourite bloggers, Nitrate diva ( spotted that Marie Windsor and Adele Jergens wore the same dress in their films, The Narrow  Margin (1952) and Armored Car Robbery (1950).

Both films were RKO features so I guess both dresses came from the studio wardrobe dept.


In response to Nitrate Diva’s Twitter post, Norman Charles pointed out four newspaper headlines which featured the same headline (“Meteorite falls Near Baby” ) in each of the following  films – Over 21, The Bamboo Blonde, Black Angel, Framed.

The four films are from different studios, Columbia, RKO and Universal and were made in 1945, 1946 and 1947.

I cant explain this odd coincidence but well spotted by Mr. Charles.

I hope the baby was ok!

OVER 21.


Frances Langford. Bamboo Blonde.




Edgar Buchanan. FRAMED.


Amazingly, I found another reference to the meteorite/baby reference.

According to the source I read, this photo comes from the animator’s desk at the Disney attraction, One Man’s Dream.




Another mystery, more easily identified I’m sure.  Who’s holding the cup in which film? And what’s  the significance of the cup.









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  1. The “Meteorite …” text doesn’t reflect the headline. It’s actually taken from a textbook on economics.

    The headline also appears in “Airplane!” (1980), “Divorce” (1945), the serial “Mysterious Mr. M (1946), “The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad” (1949).

    Couple of interesting links.

    • Thanks a lot, Bob. According to those links, the Earl Hays Press ( in business since 1915) printed prop material for films and may be responsible for the meteorite/baby story.
      It’s great that fans have noticed the same newspaper articles in different films .

  2. A serious question – how do people spot things like the meteorite story? I understand that someone might recognize a dress or a staircase or a painting appearing in more than one film, but I would not have noticed the newspaper item if it had appeared in a thousand films.

    I also want to thank J. F. Simpson for the information about “” on a previous post. I have watched a bunch of movies on that site now.

    • I agree, utterly incredible! But fascinating. I remember, many years ago, when a friend told me about Hollywood’s greatest extra, Bess Flowers. Now I look out for her all the time.
      Yes, that site has an amazing numbers of vintage films.

  3. I’m glad that Steve has found the site. It’s been wonderful being able to watch rare titles I never thought I would see. If they were on You Tube they woul be withdrawn but as the site is in Russia , not easy to take legal action, or perhaps worth the expense.

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