A fine artist who did portraits of Hollywood stars, Marland Stone (1895-1978).

Another instance where you wish someone had had the foresight to interview Mr. Stone who may have had many good stories to tell!

He must have been proud to have so much of his work on the magazine covers. Nice too that his name is on the portraits.

Can you imagine how lovely some of these covers would look if framed and on your wall!

I love some of the article highlights on the covers.



“Wallace Beery tells how it feels to be ‘Dead’ for an hour.”
Gosh, whatever happened to Wallace Beery! Probably nothing  as sensational as the title implies.


Ann Dvorak when Warner Brothers still intended to showcase her as one of their stars. Any chance I  get I always say she was the one that got away.
Not sure what the year is , but a bit of history there talking about prohibition .



“The girl who wanted to be a lady.”

Wonder who the girl was, unless it’s Bette.



One of the few male  star covers I could find. I guess the biggest percentage of covers were of female stars.

This is one of my favourites of the Stone paintings.


Rosalind Russell.

Delivered  right to  your door, in this case LaSalle, Illinois.

”Hollywood’s frank  opinion of Katherine  Hepburn.”

That frank opinion might be interesting, depending on whose opinion it is. A pity when they can’t even spell the great Kate’s name correctly.



Loretta Young.

25 cents, reduced to 15 cents. Wonder why.
And I bet Clark  Gable didn’t answer the questions! ( That’s what the publicity dept is for.)



Kay Francis



Love this one of Bebe Daniels.

”Are Film Fights faked?”

Gosh, how dare anyone suggest film fights are faked!


Garbo, Robert Taylor.  CAMILLE


And my favourite, Constance Bennett. 

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  1. Interesting biography with links to illustrations from throughout his career, and a photo of the man himself.,Marland.html

    The Dvorak is from 1932.

    Contents of the Bette Davis issue – no clue as to who the girl was. It’s mentioned twice, could it have been a fiction article?

    Constance was sold in 2009.
    Larger image.

    • Thanks, Bob. Lots to read. I had seen the PulpArtists site.
      Don’t know why there is a huge gap in your reply. May have to delete one link.

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