The Hollywood Reporter in January,1942 reported that Warner Brothers would be filming “Everyone Comes To Ricks”, starring Ronald Reagan, Ann Sheridan, Dennis Morgan.


Ronald Reagan, Ann Sheridan



February 1942: Producer Hal Wallis learns Hedy Lamarr is not available……..



April, 1942: Warners hope David Selznick will let Ingrid Bergman join the cast…….


April,1942: Jack Warner suggests George Raft. Hal Wallis says Raft isn’t right and the film is being shaped for Humphrey Bogart….


April,1942: Michelle Morgan and Jean-Pierre Aumont  test for ‘Ilsa’ and ‘Lazlo’…….


May,1942: Paul Henreid  gets co-star billing……

Conrad Veidt  signed to play ‘Major Strasser’…….

Peter Lorre signs as ‘Ugarte’…..


May 25th, 1942: Shooting begins…..


June,1942: S.Z. Zakall  joins the cast as ‘Carl’……


August 3rd, 1942: The last  official day of shooting……


August 21st, 1942: Hal Wallis decides the final line,

“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


March 1944: Casablanca wins three Oscars, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay.


Casting is so important. Casablanca has surely one of the finest casts ever.





Sydney Greenstreet, Claude Rains, Peter Lorre, Dooley Wilson.



S.Z. Zakall.


Dan Seymour, John  Qualen, Joy Page, Norma Varden.


Leonid Kinskey,   Marcel Dalio, Helmut Dantine,Ludwig Stossel,  Ilsa Gruning


Gerald Oliver Smith, Curt  Bois, Norma Varden.

So many wonderful images.





In 1992 , ‘Casablanca, As Time Goes By, 50th anniversary Commemorative’  is published. Written by Frank Miller, it is an excellent and profusely illustrated history of the film. It is still available at reasonable prices.

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