A great collection of six Columbia Noirs is coming out on Blu-ray in February,2021 from Powerhouse Films (

All are first timers  on Blu-ray in the U.K. and the box set can be pre-ordered now at £49.99. (Region B for playback).

Three of them – THE MOB, TIGHT SPOT, MURDER BY CONTRACT – are actually Blu-ray world premieres.
This is a limited edition box set of 6,000 numbered units.

Extras include audio commentaries, interviews with Peter Ford, Ernest Borgnine, 120 page booklet.

The only one I haven’t seen is Murder By Contract  which gets great IMDB reviews.

Looks like a must-buy for me! A post-Xmas treat.





(I’ve just heard Eddie Muller comment on TIGHT SPOT casting – “Ginger Rogers is so wrong in that movie – Gloria Grahame would have been so great!” )

By the way, it’s great to see The  Czar of Noir ( Mr. Muller) on YouTube doing monthly Q&A’s with fans at ‘NoirCitySF’






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  1. A very attractive looking collection, and it’s a direction I’m happy to see the label moving towards.
    If you contact the label and point out you run a blog specializing in reviewing classic cinema, they may well add you to the list of those supplied with screener/review discs.

  2. I don’t agree with Mr Muller regarding Ginger’s casting in Tight Spot. I think she gives a terrific performance, although she is rather mature for the part.

  3. Delighted to see this following so quickly after Volume One,due out very soon.
    FRAMED has a commentary by Imogen Sara Smith a writer Walter turned me onto recently,I thought her commentary on THE SLEEPING CITY was outstanding.
    I guess it’s just me,but I’m delighted to see that this set includes another 6 vintage Three Stooges shorts. Powerhouse have promised BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND DAWN on a future set,a totally unheralded Noir,I feel.
    MURDER BY CONTRACT is exceptional,a real no budget gem.
    Vienna,just think what’s in store when Powerhouse raid the Universal Noir vaults as they have promised for future editions.

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