Don’t Call Me Audrey

Scrolling through the website,, I found some photos new to me. This site is a little mysterious in that I couldn’t find who is running it. Possibly from Germany.
It has gathered together thousands of photos, from companies who issued film star pictures, mainly from the 1920s and 30s, and from European sources.  Many European stars are included , most of whom are unknown to me, but you can see names like Oscar Homolka, Peter Lorre, Conrad  Veidt, Marlene Dietrich, Garbo before they came to Hollywood.
And many of the postcard/cigarette card series in Europe included Hollywood stars amongst their own stars.

The site also has some issues of film magazines, mainly European .And an A to Z of films and stars.


Film World magazine.


Here is a selection of the photos:

A little careless!


It’s Gary, not Cary. He’s that other guy – Grant I think. He never did westerns – thank goodness.


S.Z. Sakall , when he was a mite slimmer.


Lovely picture, shame about the spelling. It’s Miss Dunne. (Though Irene’s birth name was indeed Dunn, but she added the ‘E’ in 1928 and her name was spelt Dunne from her first film in 1930.)



Never!  What film?


Oh, Myrna, I’m glad you  found The Thin Man.


Bow tie’s a bit crooked but still looking cool.


Cheer up, it’s only a movie.


Great  costume. Film?




Maybe Reckless?


That hat adds to his height.




Couldnt resist another lovely portrait of Jean.



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    • Yes, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to put all the material online.
      It looks like the Hollywood studios didn’t bother too much about overseas advertising.

  1. The website was first registered on 16th Aug 2004, but I don’t know anything else about it.

    The George/Harlow film is “Girl From Missouri”.

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