A name I discovered recently was that of Ernest Bachrach (1899-1973), a stills photographer  who joined RKO in 1928 and worked there till  he retired in 1954.
He shot photos for  King Kong and Citizen Kane.

In 1947, he received a rare Academy Award medal of outstanding achievement in still photography for Cross Fire  and The Farmer’s Daughter.

The stills here demonstrate some of his excellent work.





Orson Welles



Ann Harding


Lucille Ball



Jane Greer


Robert Mitchum

That’s NOIR!



Joseph Cotten, Loretta Young. THE FARMER’S DAUGHTER.


Robert Ryan

The king of menace when he wanted to be.


Ingrid Bergman


Robert Ryan

Love that shadow.


Alfred Hitchcock

Super idea to have blow-up of a script page for NOTORIOUS.


Robert Ryan.THE SET UP.


Marilyn Monroe.




Ernest Bachrach talking to enthusiastic amateur photographers. Virginia Vale in the foreground. Definitely a boy’s  club!


The annual Still Photography medal won by Ernest Bachrach in 1947




Janet Leigh, Robert Mitchum look at some of the RKO Still photography Exhibition.







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  1. I remember Virginia Vale from a series of good little westerns , six in all, with George O’Brien. She also made one with Tim Holt who took over from George as RKO’s leading cowboy. I really like this studios westerns.

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