Tony Stella has been hand painting movie posters for many years. With an archive of 600 posters, Tony started posting online in  2013.
The samples of his work below , from watercolour to ink wash ,show wonderful re-imagining of Classic images.
Tony covers a  range of films, vintage, modern and foreign – his favourite film is The Seven  Samurai  and much of his work is on Japanese cinema.

Prints are for sale and Tony’s website is and many of his posters can be seen on his Instagram account.

His email is [email protected]






Burt Lancaster.




Nice to see Director Edgar. G. Ulmer  get top billing.



Barry Fitzgerald. THE NAKED CITY.


Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer. OUT OF THE PAST


Kirk Douglas. ACE IN THE HOLE.



The ending of KISS ME DEADLY.


Norma and supporting cast. SUNSET BOULEVARD.


Marlene Dietrich.

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