ON THE SET with Barbara Stanwyck


George Brent and Barbara Stanwyck in MY REPUTATION.

Cinematographer James Wong Howe behind the camera. And that might be Director Curtis Bernhardt kneeling.


Barbara practices kissing Gary Cooper in BALL OF FIRE. There’s a smile on Gary’s face.


Barbara  with Edward G. Robinson. DOUBLE INDEMNITY.


Barbara getting ready for her number in LADY OF BURLESQUE.


Preparing for a scene in JEOPARDY.


Another scene from JEOPARDY, with Barry Sullivan.


With Ralph Meeker. JEOPARDY, great little thriller.


Barbara and Howard Hawks. BALL OF FIRE. Looks like the chair Hawks is leaning on has Barbara’s nickname on it – “Stany”.


Resting between scenes. With Clark Gable. TO PLEASE A LADY. 


With Gary Cooper. BLOWING WILD.


On the set of QUO VADIS, with Robert Taylor (not working that day I guess), Peter Ustinov, Patricia Laffan.

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  1. Barbara’s nickname was actually Missy. Being a freelance she got to work with every big male star in Hollywood Bogart, Gable, Cooper, Robinson , Cagney etc., The only exception seems to be Spencer Tracy.

    • She did indeed work with most of the big stars. Yet for most of her career after the middle 30s, wasn’t tied to a long term contract.
      I have seen ‘ Stany’ ’ on her chairs,though she was called Missy.

  2. I just saw “My Reputation” on tv, opened this and there it was… dated now but Stanwyck and Lucile Watson sail through it with their “gallant aplomb” and give interest to a story that likely seemed a bit also-ran even in 1946. These behind-the-scenes photos are a treat to see.

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