Glenn Ford , Van Heflin. “3.10 To Yuma.”



Not sure what the set is, but Ida Lupino is studying the script.


Filming that iconic scene at the start of “Sunset Boulevard “. William Holden.


In discussion, William Wellman, Ginger Rogers. “Roxie Hart.”


You gotta learn to shoot  straight, Eleanor!  William Holden, Eleanor Parker. “Escape From Fort Bravo.”


Barbara Stanwyck, probably listening to Billy Wilder. “Double Indemnity “.



Shirley Temple   visiting Rita Hayworth . “Gilda.”



Howard Hawks, Gary Cooper between takes. “Ball of Fire.”



Showing his loving side!  Robert Mitchum , Shelley Winters. “Night of the Hunter”.  One of Mitchum’s greatest roles.



Farley Granger in the background. Hitchcock contemplating. “Strangers on a Train.”

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  1. I watched Roxie Hart recently and though it was great fun. Adolphe Menjou really stole it as devious lawyer Billy Flynn. Lovely cameo from Iris Adrian as ‘Two Gun Gertie’.

    • Love Iris Adrian, especially “Lady of Burlesque”, another William Wellman. I remember the first time I saw it – in the Vintage Film Club in Dumbarton.

  2. The Vintage film club! That was where I met you when I was 16. We have been friends now for 50 years. It just doesn’t seem possible.

    • I do indeed remember that our friend John Oswald first introduced me to Lady of Burlesque ( or Striptease Lady as it was called then). John’s favourite was the lovely Alice Faye.

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