Cant go wrong with Lupino. Davis, Bogart, Scott, McGraw, Stewart, Ryan, Ladd.

What would be in your  pile of instantly watchables?

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  1. Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin rocks!)

    The Boy Friend (I know, I know – it’s recent – but it’s a Ken Russell hoot – and always makes me feel nostalgic)

    The Great Ziegfeld (if only for the “Pretty Girl is Like a Melody” extravaganza). MGM at it’s starry – and lavish – best!

    A Woman’s Face (Crawford has to be in the list somewhere)

    Shanghai Express (can’t imagine not having a Dietrich film included)

    The Gang’s All Here (Busby Berkeley, Technicolor, Alice Faye, Carmen Miranda, Benny Goodman’s band – all from the classic days of the Fox musical)

    The Lady Vanishes (Hitchcock)

    Any of these would brighten up a cold winter’s day stuck at home………

  2. Vienna, you have a very good list. I don’t think I could list just twelve instantly watchables, because there are so many. I can share with you a list of movies that I viewed in January, 1971 on television during prime time on ABC, CBS, and NBC Networks. All I had to do was just turn on the TV, the air waves were free. I would still enjoy these movies today. 50 years ago, but it only seems like yesterday.

    An American In Paris (1951) NBC
    Spartacus (1960) ABC
    Alias Smith And Jones(1971) ABC made for tv movie
    The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957) CBS
    Namu, The Killer Whale (1966) NBC
    In Like Flint (1967) ABC
    The D.A. – Conspiracy To Kill (1971) NBC made for tv movie
    Secret Ceremony (1968) NBC
    Duel At Diablo (1966) NBC
    Do You Take This Stranger? (1971) NBC made for tv movie
    Dr. Cook’s Garden (1971) ABC made for tv movie
    The African Queen (1951) CBS
    Hellfighters (1968) NBC
    In Harm’s Way (1965) ABC
    Hour Of The Gun (1967) NBC
    Operation Crossbow (1965) NBC
    Hombre (1967) ABC

      • Vienna, yes just on three networks. The list doesn’t count the local affiliate offerings during mornings, afternoons, late nights, and weekends. I viewed a lot of movies from the 1930’s, ’40’s, and ’50’s during the 1960’s and ’70’s. The air waves were free. I didn’t have pay cable TV until 1982.

  3. That’s a great list. Mine would probably be more heavily influenced by comedy, but would look something like this (in no particular order):

    – The Shop Around the Corner (a great Lubitsch film that never fails to pull me in)
    – The Day the Earth Stood Still
    – Strangers on a Train (just a fantastic story idea)
    – Sullivan’s Travels (one of my favorite comedies)
    – The Palm Beach Story (screwball at its best)
    – Duck Soup (I still catch new jokes every time I watch)
    – The Great Dictator
    – Two Mules for Sister Sara

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