Stars from the Classic era who are still with us:

Carleton Carpenter;  Marsha Hunt;  Phyllis Coates; Arlene Dahl;  Cara Williams;  Peggy Dow;  Nehemiah Persoff;  Norman Lloyd;  Marilyn Knowlden;  Jane Withers;  Janis Paige;  Angela Lansbury;  June Lockhart;  Eva Marie Saint;  Glynis Johns;  Jacqueline White.

Mostly born in the middle 1920s, the oldest are Norman Lloyd ( born 1914) and Marsha Hunt (born 1917.)

I had included Martha Stewart in my draft list but sadly Martha died recently. I had re-watched “In a Lonely Place”  recently and she was so good as the girl who ended up the murder victim.


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  1. Hi could get a few more of these.. how about Debra Paget good in a few late 40s noirs before de Mille in 1956 regards Peter

    On Tue, 2 Mar 2021 at 11:16, Vienna’s Classic Hollywood wrote:

    > Vienna posted: “Stars from the Classic era who are still with us: Carleton > Carpenter; Marsha Hunt; Phyllis Coates; Arlene Dahl; Cara Williams; > Peggy Dow; Nehemiah Persoff; Norman Lloyd; Marilyn Knowlden; Jane > Withers; Janis Paige; Angela Lansbury; June Lock” >

  2. Funny Jacqueline Whites name coming up again. Like you I had no idea of her involvement in The Yearling. It must have been a blow for her to be dropped from the project. Her career might have gone in a different direction. Back in the nineties I posted some information on Jacqueline’s IMDB entry which turned out to be incorrect. I received an email from a friend of hers correcting me. This lady tried to put me in touch with Jacqueline but I was unable to make an email connection with her.

  3. Yes, Jacqueline would have benefited from being in The Yearling.
    It would have been great if you had been able to get in touch with her.

  4. Not from the “Classic era”, but still with us (according to IMDB) are:-

    Betty White (1922)
    Leslie Philips (1924)
    Dick Van Dyke (1925)
    Lee Grant (1925)
    Irene Papas (1926)
    Sidney Poitier (1927)

  5. Vienna, of late, I’ve been thinking about these actors and actresses who are still with us from the Classic Era. Here is a few more and there are others.

    Margia Dean(1922)
    Jimmy Lydon(1923), who gave Elizabeth Taylor her first screen kiss in CYNTHIA(1947).
    Gloria Henry(1923)
    Betty Lynn(1926)
    Harry Belafonte(1927)
    Lisa Lu(1927)
    Jane Powell(1928)
    Ann Blyth(19280
    Nancy Olson(1928)
    Terry Moore(1929)

      • Vienna, I could kick myself for not listing Gina Lollobrigida(1927). I guess that I just can’t picture her being ninety-three years young.

    • Bob, I left off naming Sophia Loren, because I think she is still to young at eighty-six to be listed, as of yet. Also, Sophia has a new movie out THE LIFE AHEAD(2020), which is streaming on Netflix. Sophia Loren is one of my all-time favorites.

      Here is an appearance she did for the TODAY show on January 21, 2021.

  6. FWIW I downloaded the name dataset from IMDB.
    I then extracted the first million or so records from it.
    Of these, 1175 were actresses born 1920-1929 with no date of death given.

    The following jumped out at me, but there must be others known to some of you.
    If anyone wants the list of 1175, I can email it to Vienna for her to send on.

    Yvonne Furneaux (1926)
    Estelle Harris (1928)
    Rosemary Harris (1927)
    Vera Miles (1929)
    Nancy Olson (1928)
    Estelle Parsons (1927)
    Micheline Presle (1922)
    Barbara Rush (1927)

    • Bob, Wow! 1175 names, that is quite a list, I commend you. Vera Miles, when she retired from the movie business, she really did. I wonder if we will ever see any memoirs by her? That would be an interesting read.

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