A photo on the set of  “The Iron Mistress”  with Alan Ladd  and Gary  Cooper .

But this photo looks like a lobby card which would normally feature scenes from the film. Unusual.

The year is 1952 and Gary made two films that year –  HIGH NOON and SPRINGFIELD  RIFLE.


Alan practices with fencing expert Fred Cavens.


On the set with Virginia Mayo.

This was Alan’s first film at Warner Brothers after his long tenure at Paramount.



Like so many other historical characters, Jim Bowie has appeared in several films over the years.


In “Heroes of the Alamo” (1937), Jim Bowie was played by Roger Williams.  And many years before John Wayne  played Davy Crockett, in he same film, Crockett was played by Lane Chandler.


Lane Chandler as Davy Crockett.


In “The Last Command” (1955),  Sterling Hayden was Bowie.

The above photo has most of the principal players :

Sterling Hayden, Richard Carlson, Ben Cooper, Jim Davis, Slim Pickens, John Russell, and Arthur Hunnicutt as Davy  Crockett.


Sterling Hayden as Jim Bowie.


In “Commanche Territory”,  MacDonald Carey took on the role of Bowie.


Jeff Morrow

In “The First Texan”, Jeff Morrow gave us another Jim Bowie. ( The film starred Joel McCrea as ‘Sam Houston.’)

( Jeff will be remembered for the role of ‘Exeter’ in THIS ISLAND EARTH.)

Faith Domergue, Rex Reason, Jeff Morrow.


And the biggest film to feature Jim Bowie was The Alamo , with Richard Widmark as Bowie.


From 1956 to 1958, Scott Forbes became the famous Bowie.


All the portrayals of Jim Bowie probably had little to do with the real character, but that’s  Hollywood!

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  1. Incredibly Scott Forbes was English and filmed here as Julian Dallas. He is very good in a Zane Grey Theatre episode opposite Joan Crawford. Joan gives a terrific performance as a tough frontier lady matched every step of the way by Scott. Saw it on You Tube.

  2. Of course, MacDonald Carey was Jim Bowie in “COMANCHE TERRITORY”, not “Comanche Station” and that still of Jeff Morrow is from “COPPER SKY”, not “The First Texan”, although stills of Jeff in “The First Texan” are hard to come by now.

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