It’s Fred MacMurray pretending to be Barbara Stanwyck’ s husband in DOUBLE INDEMNITY. The duo are in the middle of their elaborate murder plot. But beware Edward G.


Ginger Rogers and Basil Rathbone in HEARTBEAT (1946).

One I haven’t seen so I don’t know why Ginger looks so quizzical. Mixed reviews on IMDB. Some  positive but others query Ginger playing an 18 year old and that it was a scene for scene remake of the 1939 French film “Battement de Coeur”, starring Danielle Darrieux.

Rathbone plays a Fagin like pickpocket.



Nice of the tiny PRC  studio to congratulate Warner Brothers on their 20th anniversary. PRC wouldn’t last that long.



Bette Davis in THE STAR. Reminds me of the start of THE BAND WAGON and the sale of the personal  effects of Fred Astaire’s character, ‘Tony Hunter.’

Reviews of “The Star” compared Bette’s character to her ‘Margo’ in “All About  Eve”.



Joan Crawford and Dana Andrews in DAISY KENYON.



Known primarily for comedy, Jean Arthur played Saint Joan in the National stage tour in 1954. She left the play abruptly after suffering  from a nervous condition before the Chicago opening.
Interesting to see that the Saint Joan cast included George Macready and Sam Jaffe.

Jean had been very keen to play Saint Joan and was contracted  for 30 weeks, coast to coast, ending on Broadway. She did not get on well with the play’s  director, Harold Clurman.



Mount Rushmore before construction, 1905.


Construction underway, with Jeffferson to the left of Washington before unstable rock necessitated a change in design.

Construction lasted from 1927 to 1941.


From left to right, Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln.Roosevelt. The faces were 60 feet high.

( My mistake. The order is Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.)

Mount Rushmore was named after New York lawyer, Charles E. Rushmore who travelled to the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1885.



Hitchcock knew how well Mount Rushmore would look in “North By Northwest”.

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      • I see. It seems to have an extremely low profile, I only became aware of its existence perhaps a year ago or thereabouts.

  1. Heartbeat is not too good. Apparently some audiences laughed when Ginger went in to the witness box and gave her age as 18! Quite agree with your opinion of The Star, found it disappointing to say the least.

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