…………GWTW Flash: May,1940.

British premiere of GONE WITH THE WIND was the greatest in London’s history. Notables attending  included  Winston Churchill,Robert Donat, Robert Montgomery and Leslie Howard.
Triple opening packed three theaters, Empire, Palace and Ritz. It is unlikely to be seen outside London till mid-autumn.



………..Picked up hardback copy of The Films Of Alice Faye (published 1972), and found it was not only signed by the author,W.Franklyn Moshier, but also by Miss Faye herself.

How lucky can you get!


The book covers all of Alice’s films, with wonderful illustrations and a foreword by director Henry King  who helmed IN OLD CHICAGO, ALEXANDER’S  RAGTIME BAND, LITTLE OLD NEW YORK.

Henry King details how “In Old Chicago” had a working title of “Mrs.O’Leary’s Cow” and that Darryl Zanuck wanted Jean Harlow and Clark Gable for the two lead roles.
Jean’s tragic death that summer almost ended in an indefinite postponement of the film.

King convinced the studio that Tyrone Power and Alice Faye would be ideal.


……….Coming on July 6th, 2021 from the Criterion Collection, BRINGING UP BABY on blu-Ray. Extras include a 1969 audio interview with Cary Grant; a 1977 interview with Howard Hawks; the 1937 short story by Hagar  Wilde on which the film is based.


…………It’s May , 1934 and your  Screenland movie magazine has a competition.

  • According to the rules, Clark Gable, no less, is offering  an Eastman Cine-Kodak 8 and projector if you can provide a pen portrait of no more than 15 words on any one of the following stars – Marion Davies, Clark Gable, Helen Hayes, Myrna Loy, Madge Evans, Jean Parker.
  • One of the examples given is for Joan Blondell:

“Shop girl’s holiday ; torch singer on a pianola.”

(any ideas which Blondell films are being referred to?)

I imagine the movie camera and projector would be quite an expensive buy.




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  1. Nothing to do with the post but all episodes of Arrest And Trial are now on You Tube. The show lasted just one season using the same premise as the later Law And Order. Chuck Connors and Ben Gazzara. Episode 1 features Andrea King and a terrific turn by Patsy Kelly.

  2. At that angle and with that hairstyle, on the book cover Alice looks to me more like Kathryn Grayson than she looks like Alice Faye!

  3. Look forward to reading about Andrea. One of my favourites. That you tube documentary edited by a friend of hers is compelling viewing.

  4. Screenland had 6 pen portrait competitions in that issue (May-Oct 1934).
    Anyone could enter, and it was possible to win all 6 prizes.
    Judges were the six stars, the editor, and the magazine writer Malcolm Oetinger (who wrote the sample pen portraits).

    Marion Davies offered a Hartmann fitted dressing case that held up to 8 dresses and had toiletry fittings.
    Helen Hayes offered her negligee, designed exclusively for, and worn by, her.
    Myrna Loy offered a bottle of her favourite scent, Radia by Marlaine Of Paris.
    I can’t find the Madge Evans and Jean Parker prizes.

    It must have been a success, as starting in 1935 there was a pen portrait competition in each issue to win a prize offered by the star on the cover.

    Joan Blondell was a torch singer in “Gold Diggers Of 1933” (but not on a pianola).

  5. AWTW a fav! Would have loved to be at one of the British openings. Can you imagine? But of course that would mean I’d be dead now…Hmmm
    As a book collector (+4000 & counting), I’m envious of your fabulous find. How lucky was that?

  6. Thank you Vienna did not know about premiere at 3 theatre in London for GWTW. Loved to see film of that premiere.

  7. So glad you got the Alice book. If it’s signed by her you might have one of the limited first edition. Citadel weren’t interested in publishing it in their Films Of series So Frank Moshier had it published independently then it was taken up by another company. Frank was Alice’s number1american fan and all the stills were from his own collection.

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