Bette Davis on the set of DARK VICTORY.
it’s almost impossible to find a picture of Bette without a cigarette in her hand.



Jane Wyman, Charles Bickford, Lew Ayres. JOHNNY  BELINDA.


Charles Boyer, Jean Arthur, director Frank Borzage.HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT.



Mark Sandrich, Fred Astaire, Max Steiner.

Director Mark Sandrich directed 5 of the Astaire/Rogers musicals. He died of a heart attack in 1945 .

His sister was Ruth Harriet Louise who ,at age 22, was the top stills photographer at MGM from 1925 to 1930. Ruth also died young in 1940, aged 37.


1943  Carmen Miranda visits Alice Faye. HELLO FRISCO HELLO.


Bette Davis and Sally Sage , her stand in JEZEBEL.

(No cigarette.)


Barbara Stanwyck ,director Mitchell Leisen, Fred MacMurray. REMEMBER THE NIGHT.


William Wellman,  Robert Taylor. WESTWARD THE WOMEN.


Tyrone Power. RAWHIDE.


Lana Turner, Clark  Gable. SOMEWHERE I’LL FIND YOU.

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  1. Mark’s son is director Jay Sandrich, known for “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “Golden Girls” and many other sitcoms, and still alive at 89 so hopefully he’s broken the family curse of dying young!

      • Yes, I wrote this one up years ago. Seeing as you asked: https://livius1.com/2011/12/12/westward-the-women/

  2. Thanks for link. Gosh, it’s ten years since you reviewed Westward The Women. Great review as always. Must watch it again.

    • Thank you! It would be more than 10 years, to be honest. That’s one of the posts I ported over from the blog’s original site so it was probably written a couple of years before its current timestamp.

      • No, I had shifted everything over by late 2011, and I had to do a lot of it manually in the end hence there is a whole slew of stuff dated December of that year. The old site used the filmjournal.net domain, which grew out of the old DVD Forums (now The Digital Fix) back in the day. Sadly, the old site has totally disappeared, I say sadly because, while I saved all the actual posts, I was unable to import close to 1000 comments and they are now essentially lost.

  3. Jane Wyman looks like Margaret Sullavan in that Johnny Belinda still. Puzzled by her costume? It doesn’t look like something this character would have worn unless perhaps it’s her Sunday best.

  4. Vienna, I so enjoy viewing these photographs that you post. I like them all, especially the first one with Bette Davis. I recall something that Henry Fonda said about being a longtime friend of Bette. He said that yes, he was a close friend, and that he had the cigarette burns to prove it.

  5. I think that both of the “Night” films that you mention here, REMEMBER THE NIGHT and HISTORY IS MADE AT NIGHT, are very good movies that should be better known, especially REMEMBER.

    Thank you for your many fine posts. I always enjoy them.

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