Loretta Young

……….I was amazed to find these photos of an enormous kettle drum which had been signed by many Hollywood stars in 1940.
Does anyone know the background behind it?  Was it done for charity, I wonder.
I could make out some of the star names – Bette Davis is prominent in the middle. Also Janet Gaynor, Jane Withers, Walter Abel,King Vidor, Grace Moore, Ann Sothern, Edward Everett Horton, Robert Armstrong, ‘Jim’ Cagney, Claude  Rains, Gloria Swanson, Margaret Lindsay , Pat O’Brien, Robert Taylor, Herbert Marshall, Al  Jolson and Ruby Keeler.


Clark Gable signs the drum. (Clark in costume for “Parnell.”)



……….Like many other stars, Linda Darnell  was an artist , having studied art before going to Hollywood. I’d love to find other paintings she did and whether many have been sold.

This landscape by Linda is on sale for $3,000 at



Linda was a sculptor too.


………..Dialogue Quotes from THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT:

Joe (George Raft): “It’s a classy chassis.”

Cassie (Ann Sheridan ): “You couldn’t even afford the head lights.”

Ann Sheridan, George Raft.


Lana (Ida Lupino): “The doors made me do it.”

Ida Lupino



(Quotes thanks to classic movie


………Eventually she did want to be left alone.

Greta Garbo

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  1. “The doors made me do it!!” is a descent into madness as you’ve never seen it before, at the same time chilling and gloriously over-the-top campy. Love it.

  2. Sad to see a matronly overweight Linda Darnell in an episode of Burke’s Law recently. Her beauty was intact however. I think it was her final television appearance.

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