Bruce Cabot, Fay Wray. KING KONG.


Rita Hayworth



Felicia Farr, Richard Widmark. THE LAST WAGON


Jean Harlow.


Sterling Hayden.


Deanna Durbin.


Clark Gable.



Gail Russell.


Madeleine Carroll




Gene Tierney.



Norma Shearer,  Irving Thalberg  at the White House. 1929




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    • Don’t know what the occasion was. The colour seems to bring the figures to life so much more. Norma’s outfit is very much the 1920s. Thalberg could be from any decade.

      • Judging by the springtime feel of their dress, it could possibly have been the one and only inauguration of President Hoover in March of that year – however I’m not at all sure that Thalberg, particularly, would have supported Herbert in such a way!

  1. Boy Universal certainly gave Deanna the glamour treatment when she matured! As David Shipman says in The Great Movie Stars ‘overdressed and over made up’ .

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