The death has been announced of Hollywood veteran Norman Lloyd who has passed away at the age of 106. Many tributes are being paid to him throughout the media.
Another tie to vintage Hollywood gone , but there is so much to enjoy through Norman’s films and interviews over the years.

A fine actor and a great communicator.

In 2019, I celebrated his birthday and here is the link.



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  1. Vienna, Norman Lloyd’s passing at age 106(over half way to 107) is another human link to the Classic Movie and Television Era who is no longer with us, but we will always have is work to view and enjoy.

    My first memory of Norman Lloyd, as an actor, was on the TV anthology series ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, which I began viewing in syndicated reruns during the late 1960’s. Although, it was the role of Dr. Daniel Auschlander on TV’s ST. ELSEWHERE that really caught my attention. From 1982 onward, I was on the lookout for Norman Lloyd in movies and TV.

    I remember viewing THE SOUTHERNER(filmed 1944, released 1945) and Finley(Norman Lloyd) was quite a character. The way he talked, walked, and ran is something to see. Noreen Nash was also in this movie, and at 97 years young, is still with us.


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