Dana Andrews advertising hats, with a plug for FORBIDDEN STREET (BRITANNIA MEWS,1949), made in England and costarring Maureen O’Hara. Dana plays two roles in this film.

I always thought of the Stetson as a cowboy hat, but the Stetson hat company was founded by John B. Stetson (1830-1906) and the brand name,Stetson covers all sorts of hats.


I’m sorry, Mr.Mayer. This seat is taken.”

Louis B. Mayer, Irene Dunne.


James Stewart pilots Margaret Sullavan. 1939 in his own plane.



Randolph Scott in Sedona, Arizona for location shooting on THE GUNFIGHTERS (1947).


  • Bette Davis’s 33rd birthday and the world premiere of THE GREAT LIE in Littleton New Hampshire.  1941.



All aboard the Warner Brothers express for the promotional tour for DODGE CITY. Many contract players roped in.

Gilbert Roland, Priscilla Lane, Errol Flynn, Frank McHugh, Guinn Williams, Humphrey Bogart, John Garfield, Wayne Morris, John Payne.

Who have I missed?



Love the wording in this ad for PSYCHO:

“….The managers of the De Mille and Baronet theatres have been instructed, at the risks of their lives, not to admit to the theatre any persons after the picture starts.
Any spurious attempts to enter by side doors, fire escapes or ventilating shafts will be met by force.”


A rare group of top Hollywood singers: Susannah Foster, Jeanette MacDonald, Kathryn Grayson, Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin.

Wonder what the event was.


  • Edward G. Robinson on the KATE SMITH HOUR, CBS radio. 1937.

Did Eddie play the harp?


Marie Windsor, John Garfield. FORCE OF EVIL.


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  1. You got a plug on the Unofficial Talking Pictures Society Facebook page as someone had picked up your Keye Luke blog. I replied and mentioned you and our 50 year friendship. Perhaps you will pick up some more subscribers.

  2. It’s actually Force Of Evil, not Body And Soul with John and Marie. Also did you know that a British actor dubbed one of Dana Andrews roles in Brittania Mews.

    • Thanks, Jim. Have corrected my mistake.
      Haven t seen Brittania Mews but I read on IMDB that Fox would not reveal which actor dubbed Andrews not too well. Just cant imagine Dana Andrews with a British accent.

  3. For the Dodge City line-up

    The Hollywood singers photo was taken at a 1941 Federation Of Music Clubs event at the Hollywood Bowl. They were awarded medals for their movie singing.

  4. Brittania Mews is pretty gloomy but has a very strong performance by Maureen O’Hara. 20th made a number of films in Britain after the war to use up revenue they were unable to take out of the country.

  5. Alan Hale isn’t in the version of the picture that you posted; he is on the right side of the version posted by Bob.

    I believe that the man with his arm on Frank McHugh’s shoulder is Max Rosenbloom.

  6. Jean Parker is crouching to the right of the picture. How odd that she should be included in this junket as I don’t think she ever filmed at Warner’s.

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