I enjoyed my first viewing of THE AMAZING MR. X (1948). Turhan Bey made the most of a starring role as ‘Alexis’,  a suave, phoney spiritualist  who fleeces well-to-do  women.

Advertising himself  as a ‘psychic consultant’ , he preys on vulnerable people, like Chris (Lynn Bari) who lives in a mansion next to the ocean with her sister Janet ( Cathy O’Donnell).

Chris is a widow, her husband Paul having died two years earlier.

With the help of Chris’s maid ( played by Virginia Gregg) , Alexis manipulates her – making Chris think her late husband is reaching out to her.

There’s a terrific twist near the end, all enhanced by the great, atmospheric photography of John Alton.

The film can be viewed on You Tube.


Lynn Bari


Donald Curtis, Cathy O’Donnell, Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari


Donald Curtis




Turhan Bey (1922-2017)

Turhan Bey was active in the 40s in DRAGON SEED, SUDAN, THE MAD GHOUL and several films with Susanna Foster.
His last Hollywood film was in 1953 and he returned to Vienna (where he was born) and became a commercial photographer.


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  1. I should dig this out for a rewatch. It has, I think, a pretty good reputation but I remember feeling slightly underwhelmed when I saw it, and that may have been largely down to my mood at the time.

  2. I really like this one. It was part of a three picture deal that Lynn had with Eagle Lion. However she only did two. Carole Landis was originally meant to play the lead. The only drawback is Cathy O’Donnell, not a favourite of mine. Lynn’s other film for EL was a poor western The Man From Texas with James Craig.

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