Eva Marie Saint is 97 today, the 4th of July,2021.

A fine actress who won a Best Supporting Oscar for her film debut in On The Waterfront” in 1954, and became one of Hitchcock’s blondes in “North By Northwest”.


Marlon Brando, Eva Marie Saint

Eva had studied at the Actor’s Studio in New York and was active in television from 1948. She played ‘Wilma Deering’  in  a short lived version of “Buck Rogers”  in 1950.

She continued with her TV Appearances in the 1950s, only making 3 more films after “On The Waterfront” before being cast in “North By Northwest.”

  • She made two films with Bob Hope – “That Certain Feeling” and “Cancel My Reservation”; a western with Gregory Peck (“The Stalking Moon”); “Exodus” with Paul Newman.

Don Murray, Eva Marie Saint. A HATFUL OF RAIN.

One of my favourites (aside from “North By Northwest”) is “36 Hours”  with James Garner.


Eva Marie Saint, James Garner


Eva was married to director Jeffrey Hayden from 1951 till his death in 2016.

Jeffrey Hayden, Eva Marie Saint


Eva continued acting through the decades, and makes personal appearances at the Oscars and on TCM.

I think Eva chose her acting roles carefully, with  her family life always at the forefront.

That red dress in ‘North  By Northwest”.






And that famous scene in NORTH BY NORTHWEST when the little boy in the background covers his ears before Eva shoots Cary.

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