Jane Bryan

Jane Bryan (1918-2009) made less than 20 films between 1936 and 1940. She left acting when she married  industrialist Justin Hart in 1939.  She was in several films with Bette Davis, including THE OLD MAID, THE SISTERS, MARKED WOMAN and remained friends with Bette. 

Jane received praise for her performance in WE ARE NOT ALONE, with Paul Muni. 


Ginger Rogers

  • Nice shot of Ginger Rogers as she boards a plane.


Cary Grant

  • Oh for the days when you could find a star like Cary Grant willing to stop for an autograph and photo.


Greta Garbo

Was Garbo ever casual! Looks like she is on board a ship.




Lucille Ball

Lucille looks suitably casual .


Hedy Lamarr

Could Hedy ever look casual! So modern looking in slacks.


Irene Dunne and her husband, Dr. Francis Griffin

Well,  maybe not casual.



Alan Ladd

Alan smiling for a fan.



Clark Gable

Love the shoes! Wonder who  Clark  is posing for.


James Stewart, Doris Day.

Present for Mr. H.?

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  1. Alan Ladd looks positively sartorial.
    Hedy Lamarr looks positively stunning.

    Gable picture is almost bizarre. He’s dressed to the nines but the location looks… well, pretty gritty there on the street and the dingy sidewalk yet there is that tall shrub nicely framing a doorway. Study in contrasts.
    One would have wondered what he’s doing in that part of town? lol

    • He’s in Palm Beach in 1937.

      The photographer was Bert Morgan, and his archive is held by the State Library and Archives of Florida.

      Pity about the single cuff showing.

  2. The last photo shows them at London Airport on June 21 1955, about to fly to New York after filming scenes for “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, so the present may have been from Hitchcock.

      • Me too!
        Doris Day is still the biggest female box office star of all time.
        She held the Number One spot four years in a row. Not even Greta Garbo or Ginger Rogers in the 20s & 30s, or in more modern times Julia Roberts or Keira Knightley – not even these superstars in their heydays achieved that, or really even came very close.

        When you add in her enormous singing career, well… Doris Day should be an icon, like a John Wayne or The Beatles. And yet, she doesn’t seem to have the same impact on later audiences. Her appeal doesn’t seem to transcend her own audience the way a Humphrey Bogart’s does. John Wayne is still frequently voted the most popular actor – and his last film was 45 years ago.

        For myself I love to watch Doris Day. Her style and her grace and the way she moved, her shimmering screen presence, and above all her voice are incredible gifts to the world, but I find her movies to be… mostly dull as dishwater.

  3. Oh my, you took me by surprise saying you find Doris’s films mainly dull as dishwater! So many wonderful titles – Love Me Or Leave Me, Calamity Jane, The Pajama Game, On Moonlight Bay, Midnight Lace, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Young At Heart………

    • OK I will listen gladly since it’s been many many years since I’ve seen any of those. Hopefully I am dead wrong on this.

      I just queue’d The Pajama Game on Daily Motion

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