Amazing  picture of Ginger Rogers ,taken in 1939 at her hilltop Beverly Hills home which she lived in from 1937 till the 1960s.

A lady with a head for heights !  But rather dangerous looking. That’s quite a drop.


A close-up of that photo.

A little safer. She is on the other side of the railing.


And a view of the house today.

My thanks to Peter Bryant for these photos. (Peter is on Twitter at @pmbryant )

I found a few other  photos of this home which Ginger had built in 1937.  Ginger said the view, high up in Coldwater Canyon, encompassed the entire coast down to Long Beach.  

Another view.



a view of the house, showing its height.


Until recently, I didnt know Ginger had wanted to star in  the film version of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN. Or that she had played ‘Annie Oakley’ on stage.


Ginger toured in the musical  starting in 1960. One of her costars was Byron Palmer ( whose wife was Georgina Darcy – ‘Miss Torso’ from REAR WINDOW.)

And another poster for the show, with a modern looking Ginger.


One of the summer theatres where Ginger played ( Warwick Musical Theatre) had quite a season. Stars included James Garner, Eve Arden, Howard Keel, Gordon McCrae, Robert Horton.


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  1. Wow. Great photos and memorabilia. And Peter Matz (!!!) was her music director on that tour of AGYG. Thank you!!!

  2. Forgot to mention during the Annie tour Ginger used to stand on top of a prop motorcycle doing shooting tricks. It came off its track during one performance and she landed in the Orchestra pit!

  3. Short clip (at 7:26) of the inside of the house in 2018.

    • I’ve seen that video but this house is on Roxbury Dr. where Ginger lived with Lew Ayres . The hilltop house is on Gilcrest drive, Beverly Hills. Ginger had it built in 1937.
      The video is great for showing the lavish lifestyles of the top stars.

  4. This home was where she stayed while making movies. When her movie career effectively ended, around 1960 (she made a couple pictures in the 60s but they’re best forgotten), she sold it.
    Meanwhile, though, in 1940 she bought a 1000 acre ranch in Oregon. She was a very active person and loved the outdoors, fishing, hunting, canoeing and camping. It was a working ranch and provided dairy products to the troops during World War II.
    Here’s another terrific picture:

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