ARLENE DAHL is 96 today

Birthday wishes to the lovely Arlene Dahl.



Arlene had star status in her second film, MY WILD IRISH ROSE.



With Joel McCrea in THE OUTRIDERS.




With John Payne in CARIBBEAN.


With Robert Taylor in AMBUSH.








With husband Lex Barker.


Marriage to Fernando Lamas.


Arlene has been married to Marc Rosen since 1984.


In 1962, Arlene had a nighclub act in Las Vegas which was very successful.

She also appeared on stage in APPLAUSE.



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  1. Great tribute to Arlene. A flat mate of mine was an immigration officer at Heathrow. One day he brought home Arlene’s boarding card for me. He had never heard of her but said ‘I knew she must be an actress’! I like her two British films, Wicked As They Come and particularly Fortune Is A Woman( aka She Played With Fire) Also good work in Woman’s World and Slightly Scarlet.

  2. She has played inn some excellent movies. Apart from all those mentioned above – although I think her work opposite McCrea in The Outriders is especially good – I liked her in no Questions Asked and Reign of Terror/The Black Book.

  3. Vienna, a really good tribute to the talented and beautiful Arlene Dahl. My first memory of her is as the widow Carla Goteborg in JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH(1959), which I first viewed on THE ABC SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE in 1965. I still get a kick out of when the irascible Professor Oliver Lindenbrook(James Mason) takes widow Goteborg(Arlene Dahl)aside to ask her about her stays(undergarment). Also, she was a successful businesswoman starting Arlene Dahl Enterprises, that marketed cosmetics and lingerie. After closing her company in 1967, she began working as a vice president at advertising agency Kenyon and Eckhardt in the same year. Three years later Dahl was appointed by Sears Roebuck & Co. as director of beauty products.

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