FUNNY MOMENTS with Boris and Lon

”I can’t explain it,” Margaruite  Churchill peers despairingly into Ricardo Cortez’s face. “Yet my father seems…..he seems….”
Cortez suggests.  “Different” Churchill affirms.

Cortez whips off his glasses and says, “Darling, when a man as sensitive as your father has been hung by the neck, pronounced officially dead and brought miraculously back to life, he’s bound to be affected by the experience.”



Lon Chaney Jr. shivers  in his sleep. “No,no,no!”  he moans, staring at the light of the full moon. He sprouts fangs and fur  and starts a bestial bellowing.
In a frenzy to mangle a throat or two, he tears apart his bed, topples tables, pulls down a chandelier and sends it crashing into an immense mirror.

His father (Claude Rains), who has been all the time standing in the hall, raps softly at his door and says,

“Larry ,Larry, my boy, is something  troubling you?”

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  1. You to can have a funny moment with Mr. Karloff.

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