Anselmo Ballester (1897-1974) was an Italian poster artist who created some of the best European film posters for RKO, Fox,Paramount and Columbia.

Ballester studied in Rome ,specialising in poster design. He began painting posters at the age of 17 in 1914 and worked through till the 1950s, creating posters for both European  and American  film companies.

What  I’ve seen of his posters are very impressive, dramatic, full of colour and creating an intensity that draws you to it.  ( One he did of Salome sold for $19,000 in 2008.)

He has been called THE poster designer for Italian film posters and his work is much sought after.


A few examples.

”My Name Is Julia Ross”


The Man From Laramie.  That hand with the blood on it! (Was it Alex Nicol who fired the shot?)


The Jolson Story.  The Jolson pose, on his knee and the spotlight he loved.



Man in the Dark. (Man in the Shadow) .Made for 3-D distribution.


A Matter of Life  and Death (“Stairway to Paradise”).Marius Goring centre stage.


Harriet Craig. (“Alone with her Remorse”).  The shadow, the staircase, the red and yellow.


A swirl of dark and light.



The stars framed in that Indian silhouette.


I nearly bought this poster book but said no to a £6 price tag with postage of £17 added!

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  1. Great post. This man’s work is truly remarkable and advances in many areas on the original Hollywood posters for a whole slew of movies. The Man from Laramie poster is outstanding and I was delighted when Eureka decided to use it for the UK Blu-ray release of the film.

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