………Picturegoer, Jan.1937:

More MGM films to come soon: William Powell and Myrna Loy in “The Prisoner of Zenda”.

Norma Shearer and Clark Gable in ”Pride and Prejudice.”

(I can maybe see the first casting, but the second?!)

……….Movie Life, June 1947:

  •         Latest version of LITTLE WOMEN will be in Technicolor and will feature Jennifer Jones, Van Johnson, Shirley Temple, Lionel  Barrymore, Charles Coburn and Anne Revere in its cast.

(Did the magazines  just pluck these names out of the air? Though that cast could work.)

  • Peter Lawford travels to England later this year to work with Greer Garson in THE FORSYTE SAGA.

(Sorry, Peter, the trip is off but you will be in “Little Women.”)

Peter Lawford


………..Odd results if these celebrities had married each other!

Gracie Fields – Spencer Tracy

         Penny Singleton – Jack Benny

Rhonda Fleming – Henry Fonda

                     Andrea Leeds – Tom D’Andrea

Lynn  Carver – Jeffrey Lynn

             Carole Lombard – Charles Farrell


………Due out in the U.K. on 13 December, 2021, a blu Ray set of Mae West’s 10 Hollywood films (1932-1943), from

A limited edition of 6,000 units, costing £59.99.



…………. Cary Grant was  photographed outside the Woolworth Building in New York. He once said: “if any happy medium, any fortune telling gypsy had prophesied I would marry the heiress granddaughter of its founder, no palm would have been crossed with my silver!”


Barbara Hutton, Cary Grant

The Woolworth heiress and Cary were married from 1942 till 1945 – her third of seven marriages, his second of five.








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  1. Clark as Mr Darcy! Oh no. Olivier is perfect in the part. I can’t understand why he described Greer’s performance as ‘ silly and affected’ in a later interview. I think she’s perfect for the role.

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