Birthday wishes to Henry Silva who was 93 last month.
Born in New York, Henry attended the Actors Studio and started on television in 1950 and was active for the next 50 years, finally retiring after the “Ocean’s 11” remake in 2001.

  • Generally playing a heavy, his career was primarily on TV, but he made several westerns including The Tall T, The Bravados, The Law and Jake Wade, The Jayhawkers


Totally ruthless as one of the killers in The Tall T.


Henry Silva, Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey.

Having appeared in the Sinatra starrer, “Ocean’s 11”, Henry also had a part in “The Manchurian Candidate” and Sinatra’s “Sergeants 3”.


Henry starred in Johnny Cool in 1963.

Has anyone seen this one?


With Elizabeth Montgomery. “Johnny Cool.”


Henry as ‘Mr.Moto’ in “The Return of Mr.Moto”,  made in England by Lippert Films.

Henry ( who spoke Italian and Spanish) got starring roles  in Europe in the 60s and 70s.

He played Doc Holliday in a “Wagon Train” episode in 1965.

As ‘Doc Holliday’


The films of Henry Silva that I particularly like are THE TALL T , THE BRAVADOS ( as the only  outlaw to survive Gregory Peck’s vendetta) , and THE MANCHURIAN  CANDIDATE.

He had a brooding presence and personality and even in small roles, you remembered him.



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  1. Henry certainly was a contrast to Peter Lorre in that Mr Moto film. Whilst it’s nice to see him above the title this is very routine stuff despite attractive leading lady Suzanne Lloyd. Saw Johnny Cool in a late night showing on Scottish Television in the seventies. Can’t remember a thing about it.

    • I also saw JOHNNY COOL Jim. Back in the sixties at the then New Victoria Cinema in a double bill with Frank Sinatra’s JOHNNY CONCHO! Also llike you I remember nothing of the content.

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