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  1. Fine actor – will never forget him “Sons and Lovers” and “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”. Another gone from a more special time of movie-making than today’s form of the assembly line…

  2. Sad news. I suspect many will remember him most from Quantum Leap and other later roles. Personally, I tend to think of some of his early stuff like Cattle Drive, Down to the Sea in Ships, Kim, Compulsion and Gun for a Coward.


    • I’m so lucky to have never seen the show that you and others have mentioned. By the late 50s-early 60s he’d become a fine actor, due largely I believe, to far better than average material even then.

  3. I remember first seeing Dean Stockwell in the original Dune, then in Blue Velvet and Beverly Hills Cop 2. But it was The Twilight Zone’s A Quality Of Mercy and Alfred Hitchcock Present’s Annabel that originally earned my best appreciation for his unique signature as an actor. R.I.P., Dean.

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