Great portrait of Sterling Hayden in “THE KILLING” by Tony Stella (


Father and daughter Jeanne Crain and  Sidney Blackmer , with the ever present favourite Hollywood extra, Bess Flowers between them in the row behind.



Is life  ever going to turn around for that man in the bandages. It’s Humphrey Bogart  as ‘Vincent Parry’, learning that his best friend  has been murdered and yet again Parry is in the firing line for Number One suspect.

Still he has the lovely ‘Irene Jansen’ (Lauren Bacall) on his side.   DARK PASSAGE.


Stunning closeup of Miss Barbara Stanwyck. I’d watch out, she looks pretty menacing.


The one-armed army veteran ‘John J. Macreedy’ (Spencer Tracy) has come to deliver a war medal to the father of a Japanese soldier killed in WWII.

The hostile ‘Coley Trimble’ (Ernest Borgnine) tries to intimidate him at the instigation of his boss,’Reno Smith’   (Robert Ryan).


Doesn’t quite work out the way he expected . That’s quite a tumble the stunt man takes.


Nice shot of Glenn Ford. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to the movie? I think maybe, THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE.


It’s Edmond O’Brien and Frank Lovejoy looking at their kidnapper, William Talman in THE HITCHHIKER.


Three great Warners stars. Don’t know the occasion.

Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, George Raft.



No,no,no. I love Jean Arthur but just cannot see her as ‘Scarlett’.. Seen here in test footage with Hattie McDaniel.


Jeanette MacDonald

Wonder if they were ever in their apartments all at the one time!
The top stars have their own ‘apartments’ at MGM.

Datewise, maybe 1935 or 1936.

First floor:

  • Jean Harlow
  • Jeanette MacDonald
  • Gloria Swanson
  • Norma Shearer


Second floor:

  • Constance Bennett 
  • Myrna Loy
  • Helen Hayes
  • Joan Crawford




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  1. Definitely Glenn Ford in THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE. A big box office hit for MGM, during late 1956 / all of 1957. i went to see it in May, 1957, as a ten year old.

  2. These photos are fabulous.

    Regarding Glenn Ford, my first thought was The Violent Men, but I suspect you are correct.

  3. THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE was the only Western Glenn Ford made where he didn’t wear that small, floppy cowboy hat he wore in all his Westerns, so stills from it are easily identified. He did wear it in THE VIOLENT MEN (retitled ROUGH COMPANY in Great Britain), and in JUBAL; 3:10 TO YUMA; THE SHEEPMAN and all the others. It’s possible that Russell Rouse, the director of THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE, told him: “You’re not wearing that goddamn hat in my picture!”

  4. Vienna, I enjoy so much these wonderful pictures you choose to show us. Regarding the photo of Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, and George Raft. Bogart was visiting the set of Raoul Walsh’s MANPOWER(1941). I think he was sent over to the set to try and bring peace between Robinson and Raft. They had actually come to fisticuffs on the set. Here is a good write-up by Clarissa Saunders from three years ago. Caftan Woman(Paddy Lee) commented on it.

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