This almost looks like a painting – Joan Crawford is disinterested, or is she. Jeff Chandler keeps trying. FEMALE ON THE BEACH.


Great artwork from  Alejandro Mogolla.

Bette Davis. ALL ABOUT  EVE.


Why not advertise your  latest movie (DRUM BEAT) while wearing the latest ( expensive) sportswear ; Alan Ladd  displays a suede sport coat, only $47.50 and a jacket going for $25.

($47 in 1954 would be equivalent to over $400 today!)

I don’t think the California Sport Wear Company of Los Angeles is still in business.



Spotting Hollywood’s best known extra, Bess Flowers,seen here  in the centre of the scene from DOUBLE INDMENITY.




Always happy to see these two stars from PICK UP ON SOUTH STREET – Richard Widmark, Jean Peters.



Another film I wish had been in colour. Greer Garson, Laurence Olivier. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.



FRED AND GINGER . “CAREFREE”. A shame they weren’t in colour till ”The Barkleys  of Broadway.”



The three sergeants in “Gunga  Din”.  Cary Grant, Victor McGlaglen, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.


GOODBYE MR. CHIPS brought Greer Garson to American audiences. Robert Donat won an Oscar.


Don’t know what Barbara Stanwyck is giving a thumbs down to, or what that picture in her dressing room is.


Big fan of Audrey Totter, here with Robert Taylor in THE HIGH WALL

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  1. There is a California Sport Wear Company of Los Angeles located in Gardena CA, which is south side of L.A., near Compton & Inglewood.
    Do not know if it is related to this old outfitter to the stars

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