Lee Marvin, J. Carrol Naish, Victor Mature, Stephen McNally.

The hero with the three villains. VIOLENT SATURDAY. And an unusual role for Ernest Borgnine.


Audrey Totter


Alan Ladd.



Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman. 


Gary in GARDEN OF EVIL which has a terrific Bernard  Herrmann score


Lovely to see Carole Lombard in color. NOTHING SACRED.


James Stewart, Eleanor Powell  . BORN TO DANCE.


Hepburn film very rarely  written about.  Kate plays two roles as she romances Franchot Tone. 


It’s a rehearsal in EASTER PARADE. Judy and Fred.


Richard Widmark is up against Henry Fonda and Anthony Quinn in WARLOCK. But Dorothy Malone is on his side.

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  1. Vienna, I really enjoy looking at and enjoying these neat pictures that you put up on your blog. I especially like the pictures of Carole Lombard and Alan Ladd.

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