Dorothy Lamour adding her name , with a small paint brush, to a car which is  covered with celebrity autographs in white paint.
It’s  1939 and the photo is taken on the lot of Paramount studios. The story goes that the car was owned by fan, Jack Pinney who waited in front of studio by day and clubs by night to collect his autographs…. A unique autograph book!
I wonder if that is Jack standing next to Dorothy.

I spotted several signatures on the car – Allen Jenkins, Betty Grable, Alice Faye , Patsy Kelly, Franchot Tone, Stuart Erwin, Rochelle Hudson, Virginia Bruce, Tom Brown.

Dorothy was filming ST.LOUIS BLUES which I’ve never seen. It looks fun and features jazz singer Maxine Sullivan (1911-1987) reprising  her 1937 hit, ‘Loch Lomond,’ the Scottish folk song – which she went onto record many times.  How this old song came to her attention would make an interesting story – if anyone knows! She was even nicknamed  ‘Miss Loch Lomond.’

This was Maxine’s only full length feature.  She toured the U.K. in  1948 and 1954. Wonder if she ever visited Loch Lomond. She was still active till the year before her death.


Maxine Sullivan


A tad careless. A picture of Brian Donlevy shown as Randolph Scott. (Both were in the movie.)


Charles McGraw, always a powerful presence. Big fan. A smallish role in HIS KIND OF WOMAN.



Lovely photo of Deanna Durbin and Jeanette MacDonald.

Late 1940s?


James Stewart, Alfred Hitchcock, Doris Day.

The premiere of THE MAN WHO  KNEW TOO MUCH.

Doris and Hitch exchange words. Hitch  says, “Who me?”!


Dramatic shot of Fredric March, Humphrey Bogart. “THE DESPERATE HOURS”. Love the shadows.


Jack Palance.Smiling. Whatever next. 


The stars of PARTY GIRL. Lee J.Cobb, Cyd Charisse, John Ireland, Robert Taylor.

Musical star Cyd Charisse made a few dramas – TENSION, EAST SIDE ,WEST SIDE, TWILIGHT FOR THE GODS.


Don’t worry, they are friends by the end of STAGE DOOR, the story of aspiring actresses.Ginger Rogers, Katharine Hepburn.



Lots of Hollywood stars were  Canadian:

Top row: Deanna Durbin, Walter Huston, Ruby Keeler, Bobby Breen, Rosina  Lawrence, Ben Blue.

Middle row: Raymond Massey, John  Qualen, Katharine DeMille, Berton Churchill, Cecilia Parker, Douglas Dumbrille, Mary Pickford.

Bottom row: Gene Lockhart, Fay Wray, Walter Pidgeon, Ann Rutherford, Donald Woods, Norma Shearer.

Ontario seemed to produce the most stars.

I didn’t recognise Rosina Lawrence (1912-1997). She was active in the 30s but retired when she married in 1939.  She was in Laurel and Hardy’s “Way Out West”, and I’ve just learned that she provided the high soprano voice for Stan Laurel’s ‘On the trail of the Lonesome  Pine’.

On the death of her first husband in 1973, Rosina later married Laurel and Hardy biographer, John McCabe in 1987. They met at a ‘Sons  of the Desert’ convention.


Dana Wynter, Kevin McCarthy.  Nice closeup.INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. 


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  1. Vienna, good stuff here. I like the photo of Doris Day, Alfred Hitchcock, and James Stewart. Also, I think Dorothy Lamour signing the car was neat. Well, I enjoy all the photo’s.

  2. Omigosh, that car! Can you imagine owning that today? Love the picture with Hitchcock and Doris Day — she’s always so adorable. Had to laugh at the Jesse James poster! How did that get past everybody? Good stuff, Vienna!

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