If you want over 100 hours of classic crime dramas from the big screen and television, check out Oldies.Com who have these two box sets for sale.
“Danger, Death and Dames”  and ”In The Shadows.”

Mill Creek Entertainment specialise in grouping lots of public domain titles in big batches of dvds.  I like the illustrations and colors on these two covers ( though the one above is spoiled by giving the middle photo to an unknown figure – why didn’t they just choose another star).

50 films and 150 television episodes are delivered on 12 discs at a cost of $19.98 plus post. I expect the picture quality will in most cases be poor, but , still, you get a lot of viewing for a smallish charge.

Films include what you  might expect from those  which have languished in public domain ( though there are a few which have been rescued on other labels);

Titles include   Gaslight (1940); Cause For Alarm; D.O.A; The Sleeping Tiger; The Man Who Cheated Himself; The Scar; Trapped; Woman On The Run; The Great Flamarian; Inner Sanctum; There Was A Crooked Man; The Capture.

Personally, I like the range of television programs – though 25 episodes of Dragnet seems a bit excessive. Other series featured:

The Lone Wolf; Michael Shayne; Racket Squad; Decoy; Burke’s Law; The Adventures of Ellery  Queen; Alfred Hitchcock Presents; Lock Up; Martin Kane, Private Eye; The Court of Last Resort.


The ten films  in the second set are:

He Walked by Night; Detour; Suddenly; Fear in the Night; Scarlet Street; Too Late For Tears; Please Murder Me; The Strange Love of Martha Ivers; Woman on the Run; Trapped.

Cost $5.98 plus post.

If you have experience of Oldies, I’d be glad to hear from you.


Other titles available from  Some nice covers.












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  1. That Danger, Death and Dames colletction looks like a winner! Any collection that has The Great Flamarion is just all right with me. And the TV shows are especially enticing!

      • I agree about Mary Beth Hughes in that movie – she really sizzles. The movie itself is wonderfully offbeat. I loved it.

  2. It’s been a few years, but I ordered some public domain films from the Alpha label from They were fine to deal with. They seem to carry a wide range of titles!

    I recently ordered CAVALRY CHARGE from Critics’ Choice Video but haven’t watched it yet!

    Best wishes,

    • Thanks.Laura. Must find out what overseas postal charges are.
      I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Cavalry Charge, one I haven’t seen.

  3. I have one of their classic TV sets. Worth buying because there are so many 50s TV series that are worth sampling but not good enough to spend too much money on. 50s American TV was so strange – some was absolutely superb (Dragnet, Maverick, Perry Mason, Mike Hammer) and some was really really dire.

      • One of the things it makes you realise is just how many TV series of the 50s and 60s have survived but are never going to get high-quality DVD/Blu-Ray releases. These sets are a great way of getting a sense of what American TV was really like at that time. And occasionally you unearth a real gem.

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