PHOTO OF THE DAY: “Play it again”

Who remembers Maxell blank recording tapes. Still available today for those who cherish their VCR’s ( which stopped production around 2016).

I wonder how much Maxell ( a Japanese company) paid for the rights to Bogie’s image . The title, “Casablanca” doesn’t even need to be mentioned.


Dooley Wilson


Ingrid Bergman

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  1. Vienna, I remember the Maxell vhs and beta tapes. The ones I used weren’t very good. The best for me, were the BASF vhs tapes. Good clear tapes, for that time(1980’s and ’90’s), which I still have.

    A newspaper ad for a theatrical re-showing of CASABLANCA(1942) at the Fare Theater in Memphis, Tennessee from December, 1972, had a photo of Jerry Lacy as Humphrey Bogart from the Woody Allen movie PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM(filmed 1971, released 1972). This ad for the CASABLANCA re-showing is a jab at Woody Allen’s 1972 hit movie, where Allen portrays a movie critic who is obsessed with Humphrey Bogart and CASABLANCA. The ad caption for CASABLANCA reads, “Whata-ya-mean Woody Allen made a hero outa me! I made a hero outa him!” and the ad continues, “Now See The Original And Greatest! HUMPHREY BOGART IN CASABLANCA.”

  2. That’s a great ad! I haven’t seen the Woody Allen film in an age but I remember envying all the Bogie posters he had in his high ceiling apartment.

    • Vienna, I haven’t seen PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM in many years, but I do remember all those Bogart movie posters that he had in his apartment. The early 1970’s was during the so-called Bogart Cult’s heyday. Humphrey Bogart has had quite an afterlife in our culture since his death in 1957.

  3. A legend in his time and after. Still amazing to remember that when typecasting was rampant, this was an actor never thought of as a leading man , whose looks and voice seemed to pidgeon -hole him forever into playing gangsters and bad guys. Till finally people like John Huston and Hal Wallis saw what he was capable of and realised he had far more depth than anyone was seeing in the roles he had up to 1941. After that the sky was the limit and the legend began!

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