James Mason , dressed as ‘Brutus’ in JULIUS CAESAR,  is on the set of DREAM WIFE, with Deborah Kerr, Cary Grant . 1953.



In between camera set-ups, director George Stevens is showing the length of the fish he caught on his day off. Charles Coburn is suitably impressed. Jean Arthur is dubious.


Virginia Bruce has no fear of heights.A fantastic shot during the filming of “A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody”  THE GREAT ZIEGFELD. 1936.



Love ARMORED CAR ROBBERY, with William Talman as ‘Dave Purvis’ who plans the perfect robbery, except everything goes wrong – of course being up against the law represented by Charles McGraw is always going to be problematic.

That is a classy, wide brimmed hat!

(The film’s director ,Richard Fleischer ,teamed up again with McGraw two years later in THE NARROW MARGIN.)


Looking happy on the set of THE CONQUEROR, director Dick Powell and Susan Hayward.1956.

Always wonder at John Wayne choosing to play a Mongol warlord in  12th century Asia;  and an all American cast including Lee Van Cleef, Leo Gordon, Ted de Corsia, William Conrad, John  Hoyt, Agnes Moorehead.

The film is remembered because it was filmed in the Utah desert one hundred miles from a site in Nevada where atom bombs were tested. Many cast members subsequently died of cancer.



William Wyler, Myrna Loy, Fredric March. THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES. 


Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer.LOVE AFFAIR.



David Brian, Joan Crawford. FLAMINGO ROAD.

This was David Brian’s first film and he subsequently made two more films with Joan Crawford – THE DAMNED DONT CRY(1950) and THIS WOMAN IS DANGEROUS (1952).

I think he played well with Crawford. He was often the heavy  in 50s westerns.  David was married to Lorna Gray(1917-2017) from 1950. Lorna had a long career in ‘B’s . In 1945, she was signed by Republic and got a new name, Adrian Booth. 


  • Michael Curtiz (centre) discusses the scene with Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney ( getting hair check), Bing Crosby, Vera Ellen. WHITE CHRISTMAS.


Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman prepare for that final scene in GASLIGHT. George Cukor on the right.


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  1. Great photos. One wonders about the cause of March’s scowl as he seemingly protects Loy from whatever the source was…

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