From the Chicago Daily News in 1978:

“What I really want to know about the revival of  ‘South Pacific’ is: who  married  the Ohio millionaire and got all the money?

This question has absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the musical, but , as unintentionally broadcast  throughout the theater from Jane Powell’s body mike, it was certainly the most interesting part of the show.”

“Miss Powell, as Ensign Nellie Forbush, has gone off stage in the second act and apparently forgotten to turn off her microphone, so while James Ferrier, as Lt. Joe Cable, was on stage, agonising over his love affair with a Polynesian girl, we in the audience could clearly hear Miss Powell backstage, merrily chatting away about  someone who married an Ohio millionaire and got all the money!

Jane Powell, Howard Keel

“That was but one highlight in the evening’s continuing story of Miss Powell  and her body mike. Wired for sound so that she could send ‘South Pacific’ across the North Atlantic, she sounded as if she was relaying  messages from outer space.
When she drank champagne, you could hear every gulp. And when Howard Keel, as Emil de Beque, drew her close to him, you  could hear each starched ruffle in her nurse’s uniform rustle in protest!”

Jane Powell

(Jane and Howard Keel had a very successful national tour of “South Pacific” in 1977/78.) I saw them in Los Angeles in “I DO, I DO” and thought they were great together.)

Sadly, the Chicago Daily News ceased publication in 1978 after 100 years in print.

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  1. The last time they worked together before this was in 1954 on the film “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers”, which they then did on stage following this tour.
    The last time they worked together was in “I Do I Do”.

  2. What I wouldn’t give to have been in the theater for that show! And I remember the Chicago Daily News vividly — I also remember the last day that it was printed. Geez, I’m old. LOL

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