I came across this nostalgic video of Los Angeles. It appeared  on You Tube ten years ago by Alison Martino whose YT channel is called “Vintage Los Angeles”.

We can pin the time period down to 1948 as Bette Davis’s June Bride is showing at the Warners cinema; also “Born to Kill” from 1947 and “The Stranger”.

The Hollywood Hotel looks luxurious and we can see the entrance to Paramount Studios; the MGM sign;  RKO at Culver City;

Hollywood Boulevard doesn’t look busy, everyone is well dressed; a taxi driver waits for a fare outside the Hollywood Hotel.

The Knickerbocker Hotel , built in 1923, was popular with stars. It is now the Knickerbocker Apartments for retirees.

The Hollywood Hotel was built in 1902 and lasted till 1956.

There is a sign we only see a part of – PECK-LAUG….

Any ideas?

It’s three minutes capturing old Hollywood. And in color. Wonderful.

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  1. I love this! (And was so excited to figure out the Peck-Laugh mystery, LOL.) Watching this is like stepping into the past. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Not only nostalgia for the long-gone Hollywood, but it reminded me of my childhood when I saw San Francisco and other cities in the Bay Area when they were like this. Thanks for posting it.

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